About Us

Built in 2010, Pet Distro has been a Bandung landmark. It rapidly became Indonesia’s first and largest pet shop, offering a wide variety of products and services.

Who We Are

Our goals are not just selling pet products and the pet itself. We intend to be a small heaven for your pets to be pampered, focusing on individual needs of pet owners and their pets.

What makes us different than other pet shops is we do not treat our pets as money materials, we treat them as families. Giving them enough care and making sure they are healthy and happy thus ready to open a new chapter of life with their new family.

Our spacious and wide shop allows the pets to run freely. For the pet owners who would like to watch their pets being pampered and groomed, the see-through glass salon makes owners easily watch their pets without all the dirts, and while waiting, owners can joyously relax in our sofa lounge and sip a cup of coffee or chocolate. The unique and friendly design makes the shopping experience more enjoyable and easier. Plus, with the knowledge of our staff, the customer’s need will soon be fulfilled.

As the first pet shop in Indonesia who provide swimming pool for the pets, we believe that swimming is such a healthy option for your dogs. A once-a-week practice will help maintain the pets’ hearts stronger and healthier. And if you are somehow too busy to take your pets here, we also provide a pick up grooming service. Just call us and we will be there picking up your fur buddies, pampering them, making them nice and pretty, and returning them to your home safe and sound. With loads of experience, our grooming team will tend to your pets’ needs delicately.